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Serial Killer, Robotics class Spring 1996

Photos of the original Rug Warrior. Here are pictures of our robot, before it even had the first daughterboard added. This is pretty close to the original, junky Rug Warrior kit.

Our plans for upgrading SK. We turned this in mid-term to get approval to soup up the robot.

Photos of Serial Killer souped up. In these photos, you can see Serial Killer as he existed at the end of the term. He still had the Rug Warrior chassis, but now he has three daughterboards and a rotating turret with sonar and an ultrasonic motion detector.

Odometry saga. This shows some of my experiences trying to get Killer to roll straight. It includes screen shots of my graphical simulator, that showed me graphically where Killer thought he was.

Odometry talk slides. I used these slides in a talk I gave in class on odometry. They discuss odometry (dead reckoning based on wheel motion) and motor control to reach a desired location.

Photos from the class. Four of the photos on this page are from the competition at the end of the term.